Crown of the Endless Sands

Crown of the Endless Sands

The Crown of the Endless Sands offers to grant leadership. The ruler of the Djinn, Master of the Undying Flame, sits before you upon a throne of marble, striking an imposing but relaxed figure. He is accompanied by a rare white Bengal tiger who guards his lamp. You come before him, as a leader in your own right. There is understanding in the realization that a true leader comprehends responsibility for the greater good of those around you. You are them and they are you. The positions exist because of the ability to guide the masses, not from the position of power, but arm in arm with all. You are encouragement, true to your word, and able to inspire the potential within everyone to ensure they are leaders as well.

Keywords: Encouragement, teaching through example, practice, articulate, earned recognition, measured temperament/action, clear headedness, leadership, authority.