Emperor of the Seven Seas

Emperor of the Seven Seas

The Emperor of the Seven Seas beckons you to let your emotions rise to the surface. He sits upon his throne of driftwood, appearing solemn and cautious in your presence, Explorer. As a creature of emotion, he has known joy, love, and pleasure in equal measure to melancholy, hate, and pain. The burden of such position is understanding that emotions ebb and flow as the oceanic waters of his realm. His response may be short and calculated, but he reflects your feeling of trepidation. In time, he will reveal his emotional journey and encourage you to honor your feelings, revel in them, and then like a bubble popping as it reaches the surface of the water, let them go.

Keywords: A compassionate listener, apprehensive, moody, unfulfilled, understanding, empathetic, interest in other’s well-being rather than own, caution, solemn, range of emotions/emotional journey.