Eye of the Sea God

Eye of the Sea God

The Eye of the Sea God beckons you to look beyond the visible. The Mer Warrior, guided by instinct as a result of his loss of physical sight, floats by the Eye of a Kraken Is the beast hunting him or controlled by him? What do your instincts say, Explorer? We have been gifted various abilities and may not fully tap into their capability – either from ignorance or circumstance. Only through awareness of our senses, including the mysterious ‘sixth’ sense, can we understand our strengths. Trusting ourselves is essential to fully comprehend the power of the senses. The Eye of the Sea God reveals to know yourself and trust your feelings – be it through sight, touch, scent, taste, sound, or inner tingle.

Keywords: Instinct, trust, strength, hyper-awareness, foresight, gut-feeling, sensitive.