Fury of the Primordial Gods

Fury of the Primordial Gods

Fury of the Primordial Gods will teach about uncontrolled emotion. Here we see a warrior wielding a mighty warhammer during the heat of battle. His purpose isn’t as unnerving as is the elemental destruction occurring around his environment, perhaps as the result of his action. Like the Gods and the power they wield, man is imperfect and is capable of unruly behavior without considering the consequences. We can determine to use our emotional energy to destroy or create. There is a purpose behind recognizing time, taking a breath, and thinking things through. Heed this warning, Explorer, that our minds can give life to ideas but our hearts have the ability to sustain life or end it.

Keywords: Uncontainable energy, dispensing justice, focused will, taking a pause, purging/cleansing, male sexuality, fight or flight.