Guardian of the Grove

Guardian of the Grove

The Guardian of the Grove desires you to lead with light. He is the chosen ruler of the Fae, having demonstrated understanding and balance of all the qualities of his kind. He lives by light, dwelling in the center of the Sunlit Grove, leading by example, working in tandem with truth, justice, and love. The needs of his people weigh heavily upon his wings and his wings alone. He holds himself and others accountable for the land, charged with its protection as messengers of the divine. He doesn’t command from a throne, but rather mingles among his people, listening, collaborating, and working together as one unified force. He places high value on truth and integrity in others, but asks nothing he wouldn’t expect first and foremost of himself. The Guardian of the Grove upholds the law of cause and effect and shares his learnings with his kind and visiting explorers. You reach his feet and he welcomes you to sit next to him and look upon the land, feel the energy in the elements, and its influence on the mind, the heart, the soul. He will be by your side always and seals the pact with a kiss. He is the very embodiment of sunlight made flesh.

Keywords: Justice, law, honesty, truth. Consequences of actions. leadership, accomplishment. Cause and effect, balance and fairness in decision making.