Herald of the Eternal Tide

Herald of the Eternal Tide

Your search has led you to the water’s edge, murky, yet gently lapping at your feet. You hear a song in the distance, surfing along the distant tide. From the shallows appears the Herald of the Eternal Tide, keeping in tune with the song that attracted you there. It was his call beckoning you to the shore. He relished in your wonderment and curiosity. He wants you to experience the waves of emotions covering the world and offers his hand. He addressed your look of concern for he will gift you the power to breathe underwater. His only warning is that should you be tempted to stay, you will forever be driven by your emotions and experience the anguish that plagues his kind, not being able to wander the dry land ever again.

Keywords: Curiosity, wonder, easily tempted, deep interest, guided by emotion, obsessive behavior, surrender.