Herald of the Undying Flame

Herald of the Undying Flame

Your search has led you to the barren land, dry and hot, sand stretching on all sides to the horizon. The sun has just set over the dunes, but the heat remains among the winds. You feel the dryness on your skin, the stinging grains of sand under your feet. Perspiration attempts to cool you off but the fire in your soul produces the feeling of steam. A sudden sandstorm blows in the Herald of The Undying Flame, asking you to state your purpose for coming to the desert land of the Djinn. What is it that you seek? Is that your wish? There are a set of caveats you must realize are outside the ability of the Djinns to fulfill so understand you may need to find your another way. Let’s look at what I can offer you, Explorer.

Keywords: Daydreaming, unfulfilled search, sorting priorities, processing thoughts, unclear decisions/directions.