Lord of the Four Winds

Lord of the Four Winds

The Lord of the Four Winds wants you to take flight, to relish in the freedom, throw caution to the wind. The Fallen take to the skies in haste to seek and explore the land for what they need, what they desire, what they hunger for. They move swiftly, unconcerned by dire conditions, fearless of the storms they are heading into. They are either very brave or very naive. The Lord of the Four Winds attempts to ride the tempest, use the unruly winds to further his will and passions, his insatiable desires, and his need for discovery. Nothing will stop him from his conquests and from elevating his position of power. If it takes an army to attain his goals, then so be it.

Keywords: Haste, quick action, thoughtlessness, recklessness, disorganization/synchronicity, uncontrollable forces.