Lord of the Hunt

Lord of The Hunt

The Lord of the Hunt wants you to seek out what you need. He is a master tracker with relentless focus. He is an expert observer of the world and is able to pinpoint his target from the smallest detail in the landscape. Once in his sights, he will employ his strategic skills to acquire what he wants. He may seem callous but he makes full use of what he hunts, as the ancestors have in the past. His attunement to nature is made evident by his companion, a mighty tiger, his spirit guide and only confidant. He is a symbol of balance, and hunts for survival rather than sport. He thinks, he contemplates, and is unwavering in his determination to meet his needs. His strength transcends physical bounds.

Keywords: Resourceful, stealthy, attuned to nature. Strength, independence. Off the grid. Courage and compassion.