Lord of the Pathways

Lord of the Pathways

The Lord of The Pathways wants to lead you astray. The world is at your feet, but he is overconfident and over-enthusiastic. He does not see what’s ahead but that which he wants to see. Some may say its folly, some may ridicule his approach, some may question his sanity, but he knows the way. Is it the right path? or the wrong path? or even a dead end? Will you trust him to guide you? He relishes in wandering a maze and bringing travelers along with him. He enjoys the reaction of others and waits to see if they learned their lesson or require further pushing. He doesn’t dwell on time or reason which makes him frightening, yet alluring. Come this way, I have something to show you…

Keywords: Unlimited potential, connectivity, Open doors, instant gratification. New phase/goal/objective. The entire world is at your feet.