Mystery of the Depths

Mystery of the Depths

The Mystery of the Depths beckons you to discover what lies beneath. The saying goes that no one truly knows what lies at the bottom of the ocean, or at least lives to tell about it. The Mystery of the Depths serves to remind the existence of wonder and understanding – our differences, our similarities, those things that make us unique, that make us part of a greater whole. The Mer, like many creatures across the realms, understand the facets of being and how we are only stronger coexisting together. Our emotions, feelings, personalities differ at any given point in time but yet we know that as mysterious as it may be, we have to learn from one another as opposed to dividing us. So find a way to converse, listen, learn, and grow together.

Keywords: Unification, learning, community, strength in numbers, comprehension, shared experiences, personal/communal growth.