Priest of the Moon

Priest of the Moon

The Priest of the Moon wants you to bathe in the moonlight. He was chosen by the moon to keep her mysteries and show others the cosmic force that dwells in darkness. There is no good or evil here, solely the unknown. Are you willing to discover what is shown in the moonlight as well as what’s on the dark side of its facade? There is a reason for what is revealed and what is hidden. Perhaps that is the lesson you must learn. Trust your intuition and listen to what your instincts are telling you. Pay attention to the omens, signs, your dreams, your subconscious. If you are ready to tap into the power of the moon the Priest will show you the way, but you must finish the journey on your own.

Keywords: Mystery and illusion. Duality. Deception. Hidden things. Misunderstandings. Difficult truths. Being confused and not knowing who to turn to. Something is not as it appears.