Song of the Eternal

Song of the Eternal

The Song of the Eternal beckons you to listen to spirit. His song lures you to the edge of the blood red shores. Hypnotized, you step into the water, mesmerized and on the edge of paralysis. The voice attracts you in but if you listen carefully, you will understand the danger that awaits. Don’t be distracted, Explorer. The Song of the Eternal warns you that someone or something is trying to lead you off your path. Tap into the voice of your own spirit and stay focused on your goals. The blood in the water is evidence of folly easily led astray, confounded by surface level beauty hiding a hungry monster. The tales from the sea of sirens are enough to warn you of trusting yourself and tuning out the noise.

Keywords: Warning, trickery, lies, false promises, devious temptation, impending loss, steadfast focus.