Soul of the Ancient Sands

Soul of the Ancient Sands

The Soul of the Ancient Sands offers to grant archaic understanding. The winds pick up again as a Djinn appears, welding a mysterious blue orb that seems tethered directly to the cosmos. His red hot flames have been replaced by a blue hue, a sign where heat is at its hottest point. Although young in appearance, he is absorbing ancient knowledge of time immemorial, captivated in the absorption process. Perhaps his hastiness may have an adverse affect on his ability to fully comprehend life’s experiences since he’s opted to bypass living to get to the source. Are you willing to sacrifice living and time just to know it all, Explorer? Consider what you will be losing in the end just to be one of the knowing.

Keywords: Impulsiveness, fixation, greater understanding, jaded by experience, obsessive behavior, biting off more than you can chew, haste, cutting corners.