The Djinn

Venturing into The Undying Flame, dwelling of the Djinn

The Djinn command the sandy dunes of The Undying Flame. They deal in the mysterious art of politics and negotiations, granting needs that linger within the soul, but at a price, of course.  The cost could be great or minimal, depending on what one is willing to wager.  They don’t function on manipulation or deceit but will use your own desires against you should they deem it necessary to teach a lesson. The Djinn are ruled by the element of fire and draw their power from the cosmos as well as the land.  They were trapped by their own passions and evolved as beings that display the fire within their soul through their eyes.  Those trappings also confine them to the will of others, therefore the only control they have is managing agreements and working in ancient magicks to rekindle the freedom they once knew.  Are you ready to play with fire? The Djinn will ask a series of questions of you to deem your worthiness of the flame that burns eternal.