The Fae

Welcome to the Sunlit Grove, Land of the Fae

The Fae are the wardens of the Sunlit Grove. An ancient race, they are the embodiment of nature and guardians of the earth. Although they have iridescent wings, and are often confused for masters of air, they are in fact most connected to the land where they dwell. As nature based beings, they ensure the protection of the forests, the hills, the trees, the flowers, the rivers, the stones, grains of dirt and all manner of creatures, no matter how big or small. The land sustains them and they sustain the land in gratitude, abiding by nature’s laws. Under the blazing Sun and cosmic elements, the Fae live by the light of joy and desire – be it in love, sex, battle, knowledge, self-empowerment, or personal/communal growth. The Fae are not flawless however. They can be as imperfect as any human and they understand that. They live as righteously as possible although they have been known to stray from the path out of need or circumstance. The Fae are aware that their existence is based on the lived experience and thus, will live fully and freely.