The Fallen

Wandering the Shadowlands,

Dominion of the Fallen

The Fallen are the Lords of the Shadowlands. The origins of their race is steeped in mystery and mythology, lost to the ages. The Fae believe they had shared ancestors at one point in their existence, beginning with a tribe of ancient Fae that renounced earth-bound worship and resigned themselves to only satisfying their own needs, blending with shadow and allowing it to become part of their being, internally as well as externally. They retain a more extreme version of their former selves, with feathered wings and gnarled horns, choosing to align themselves with the more unruly element of air – specifically in the destructive form of the tempest, tornado, and typhoon. The Fallen are ruled by ambition and absolute power – be it lust, temptation, manipulation, greed, indulgence, and selfish progress at the mercy of others. But like the Fae, they aren’t completely lost and don’t always desire to live through devious means. There are glimmers of hope, regret, understanding, and for some, the need to rise above the shadows, for better or worse, and reclaim their place in the light. Be careful, Explorer, for danger lurks in the darkest places.