The First People

Welcome to the Mortal Realms, Home of the First People

The First People of Wood and Bone present various archetypes within our species. The title explores our diverse humanity, our relationship to one another and the world we continue to explore, and our mortality. The drive is vast with numerous goals in mind. There is desire and passion within every action – some with good intention, some not. We learn as we do and sometimes the outcomes move us to change course unless, of course, we learned nothing and simply continue on the path chosen. Same as with those we encounter along the way – we may learn something new from them and their lived experience, something about ourselves, something we can utilize to improve our way of life, something that enamors us, or something we just don’t care for. And here we not only have the gift of wonder, but also the gift of choice – something else that defines being human. Being able to apply our senses, mind, and heart to make a determination. So without further ado, let’s go wonder the world, fellow Explorer, and see what and who we find along the way.

The Wood and Bone: Reinvented is divided into 3 sections, each with 14 cards:

In the Beginning: man coming into the world and beginning with things that are mundane: growth, work, exploration, relationship building, recognizing the senses, community building, and the start of the oral tradition for future generations.

Discovering the Divine: this is where man settles but begins his desire/search for something more, begins to explore dreams, divinity, and encounters spirit. It comes through receiving divine power, connecting creativity to divine inspiration, sacrifice, and offering devotion.

In the End: this is where the balance of power comes into play – encounters with good and evil, portrayed in various forms. Man begins to think, doubt, and have to make a choice as to his path. This is also where he begins to realize mortality and that his soul isn’t bound to remain on Earth. As one passes on, he is succeeded by another (The High King) and the Herald is positioned to welcome new Explorers to their own journey.