Thief in the Temple

Thief in the Temple

The Thief in the Temple has no offer to give for he only takes what he wants. He contemplates his next, calculated step while admiring the divine lamp before him. Is he wondering how to quietly take it or admire his latest acquisition? This mysterious being – for no one knows if he is a Djinn, a Fae/Fallen without wings, or even a simple man – does not have any interests other than his own and succeeding at obtaining his wants and needs at the cost of another’s. You may not even know when he has come around you for he is stealthy and quick. Now is not the time to be careless with what matters to you, Explorer, for the Thief is willing to take what’s most important to you, regardless of value.

Keywords: Envy, greed, corruption, loss, misguided fulfillment, deceit, gaslighting, betrayal.