Wrath of the Flame

Wrath of the Flame

Wrath of the Flame offers to grant vengeance. The glow ahead clears to a whirling fire-storm reaching the burning heavens. A dual-sword wielding Djinn stomps forward as you sense compulsive rage among the hot bursts of wind. You haven’t been granted what you want so you’re looking for retribution? Payback? Vengeance? This Djinn is ready to grant your wish of retribution understanding that you will remain empty-handed and, instead, are indebted for his services. Are you ready to surrender your power to decide, Explorer? This is an omen that you are capable of losing more in anger than by processing reasons for desires not materializing as intended.

Keywords: Blinded by rage, impulsive behavior, vengeance, hate, dissatisfaction, losses, surrender of power, retribution, wrath, justice.