The links to thegamecrafter.com aren’t working /none of your decks are visible /the links take me to a blank thegamecrafter.com page /only some of the decks are missing from the page

You may find you run into this issue when trying to follow the links for the uncensored Reclaimed Earth Tarot, the St. Jinx Arcana, The Wood & Bone Oracle, The Feather and Stone, The Salt and Ash, The Bare decks, or any other items sold on thegamecrafter.com.

by default, thegamecrafter.com filters out any adult content and hides it from the search results. Logging into the website and turning off the safe search filters should resolve this issue. For more detailed instructions, see the slide show below:

The St. Jinx Arcana: Gay Tarot

I’ve heard there’s an uncensored version of your tarot deck, Is this true?

That’s right! The uncensored version of the St. Jinx Arcana can be found at thegamecrafter.com

Why are the censored and uncensored tarot decks on different websites?

They are on different websites because makeplayingcards.com offers more options in card stocks & boxes etc than thegamecrafter.com, but has a no adult content policy for their marketplace.

What is the difference between the Standard, Deluxe, and Basic versions of the St. Jinx Arcana? (This refers only to decks sold on makeplayingcards.com)

Deluxe Editions are printed on the highest available quality card stock (Superior smooth with a black core and a beautiful matte finish), come in a rigid, all over, full color printed box, and have either gold or silver gilt edges.

Standard Editions are the same as the deluxe editions but do not have silver or gold gilt edges. This option is offered because the gilding adds a considerable amount to the production costs of the decks as they are printed only as they are ordered, not printed in bulk.

Basic Editions are the most cost effective deck that could be made available on makeplayingcards.com, it is printed on professional quality blue core card stock with a smooth finish, a plain white tuck box, and no gilded edging. The basic edition is a good choice for those who prefer to store their tarot decks in ways other than the box they come in, such as wrapped in silk or in custom tarot deck pouches etc.

Please note: these options are only available for the censored versions of the St. Jinx Arcana on makeplayingcards.com

Do you sell shirts?

Sure do! You can find a range of merchandise – clothing, cushions, mugs phone cases and whole range of other homewares on my redbubble page at redbubble.com/people/st-jinx

Where can I get prints of your work?

Prints are also available on my redbubble page – redbubble.com/people/st-jinx