Wood and Bone

Wandering the realms of the First Men

The Wood and Bone Oracle is a “reinvention” of a previous work, where the spiritual journey of man was explored in the context of a historical divination system. In this version, we present an expanded journey of physical evolution, the birth of civility, exploration of the world we live in, and a search for something greater to comprehend our purpose for being. We have witnessed the composition of the land, the mysteries of the waters, and the limitless skies. We have dreamt many things that have opened doors to unimagined growth. We have tapped into our given senses to explore new feelings and attempt to understand them. This is the story of man as the “Explorer” but not just contained to wandering the world. This is an exploration of being, what it is to feel, to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to wonder what it all means. We witness the world around us and apply our desires, our dreams, our visions, and even our fantasies. Some are designed to serve the evolution of the species, while others are simply self-serving. Human kind was not designed to be perfect although it is a “status” that has been sought after throughout time and rarely, if ever, attained. Although this work serves to accompany others of fantastical creatures man himself was thought to have conjured on his journey, here is where life is documented and explored in both a physical and spiritual context. We have all been these men at some point in our life (or aspire to be.) The landscape presents many pathways, some we choose, some we are forced to take, some we move onto hastily, and some we fear to approach. We have been gifted a soul, from some divine, mysterious source we all visualize differently. But one thing remains: the motivation we have as humans to seek something greater for ourselves here on this Earth.

The First Men

Brave travelers and explorers of the mortal human realms.