Feather and Stone

Wandering into the realms of the Fae and the Fallen

As children we have all, in some form or another, heard tales of powerful gods and dreadful monsters, divine beings of light, terrifying creatures of the night, and humans as the heroes, the villains, or the victims. We likely encountered these beings through childhood fairy tales, religious texts, mythologies, works of art, films, or music. Regardless of how we came in contact, we found a way to connect to them through our shared experiences; our joys and successes, our fears, our sorrows, and our trials. Maybe we aspired to be like one of these characters, or saw something of ourselves in these stories, influencing our growth into the individuals we are today. Perhaps we beheld ourselves as the brave underdog, the adored royal, or even the villainous beast. To some degree we fashioned ourselves after these beings, our attempt to bring a bit of magic to a mundane world. The Feather and Stone Oracle is a venture into fantasy realms where we can connect you, the “Explorer”, to a variety of forces and archetypes present in those fables of old. Each encounter has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, something new to reveal, or remind of things long forgotten. You will be reacquainted with those fantastical beings that influenced us at some point in time. But who will you encounter along your journey? Will it be the playful and optimistic Fae? The brutish yet enticing Fallen? Here we open the portal to the realm of the Sunlit Grove, land of the Fae, and the realm of the Shadowlands, dominion of the Fallen. Go forth and explore.

The Fae

Warriors of the Light and protectors of the Sunlit Grove.

The Fallen

Lords of the Shadowlands, steeped in mystery and myth.