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Walter Freyrsson is the author of The Feather and Stone oracle. Growing up in South Florida, Freyrsson started to explore the wiccan arts and divination in the 1990s. Through his growth and exploration, he took a liking to tarot and rune divination in particular and has been a reader for over 20 years. A former web designer, teaching and learning came naturally to Freyrsson and he continues to work in education to this day while offering readings to friends and family and continuing solitary practice with an emphasis on runes. Having developed a virtual friendship with the artist St. Jinx since 2016 as a fan of his work and showing interest and skill in various spiritual practices as an open, gay man, Freyrsson was asked to write the accompanying booklet to The Wood and Bone oracle (which was his first published work). Freyrsson plans to continue his venture into writing and will soon launch his spiritual business called “Queer Divine.” Freyrsson wrote the booklet for The Feather and Stone oracle, and has begun work on the guidebook for the next deck in the series, the Salt and Ash oracle. Freyrsson currently lives in New York City, USA.

St. Jinx is the concept creator and artist of The Feather and Stone oracle. He has always had an affinity for drawing but it was not until 2015 that he started working as an illustrator, and began to concentrate on building a career from his art. His works usually focus on gay fantasy and spiritual themes, crafting divinatory tools that attempt to represent the diversity present across a multitude of faiths, cultures, and races. St. Jinx first developed and published the St. Jinx Arcana in 2017, his debut into the tarot and oracle market, which was well received within the gay community it was created for. The Wood and Bone oracle followed shortly behind, released in late 2018. In 2020, St. Jinx released The Feather and Stone oracle, and began working on a companion deck, the Salt and Ash oracle. St. Jinx currently lives in New Zealand.

On behalf of the author and artist, we would like to thank our family, friends, and partners for their inspirational support in the creation of this deck. Most importantly, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the dedicated followers and lovers of our work. It is individuals like yourself that inspire us to create these tools and add to the beautiful diverse and divine queer community.